About Us

  • SAii is a India based CAD and MEP services provider
  • To serve the retail, homebuilder, architectural, engineering and construction sectors with high-quality CAD solutions, SAii is already established with good team in Bangalore.
  • We serve a number of leading contractors, architects, engineers, consultants and designers with our CAD drafting and modeling services, working either on a dedicated basis or as a part of the CAD outsourcing structure being adopted by many of our clients.
  • Our core skills lie within MEP and architectural projects. This allows us to deliver high-quality 3D building models and coordinated drawing solutions that are efficient not only in terms of cost but also for ease of installation and maintenance.
  • The SAii management team have been handling CAD outsourcing projects since many years and in the process, developing one of the most successful CAD outsourcing models in the world.
  • Our clients benefit from our extensive CAD production facilities and resources, focus on quality, local market.
  • Today our team of employees includes CAD coordinators, draftsmen, modelers, designers and visualizers. Our project management team includes a range of qualified technical staff including architects, interior designers, structural engineers, civil engineers, HVAC engineers, pipework engineers and electrical design engineers.
  • Collectively, the skills of our personnel, our investment in technology, and our established project management processes allow us to provide effective and efficient 3D BIM modelling, CAD drafting and CAD coordination services to our clients worldwide.