MEP CAD Drafting

We provide professional MEP CAD drafting services and MEP CAD detailing services to consultants and contractors within the building services sector.

Working with mechanical and electrical design engineers, consultants and contractors, we convert designs and marked-up images into electronic CAD drawing format ensuring that the appropriate corporate style and standards are retained for all work completed by us.

Our experience spans a range of sectors, including healthcare, education, residential, stadia, retail, commercial and mixed-use projects.

We work with all services, including HVAC, electrical and public health (PHE) at all stages of the drawing process from tender, comment, working and construction.

As a part of our MEP draughting services, we provide the following:

  • Schematic MEP CAD Drawings
  • Tender / Bid MEP CAD Drawings
  • Construction MEP CAD Drawings
  • Contract MEP CAD Drawings
  • Installation MEP CAD Drawings
  • Penetration/Builders works MEP CAD Drawings
  • Manufacturing MEP CAD Drawings
  • Prefabrication MEP CAD Drawings
  • As-Fitted / As-Installed (As-Built) MEP CAD Drawings

We utilize the latest technology to communicate and share files using web-based online collaboration systems and sophisticated mark-up tools.

Working as your CAD bureau, we are also able to carry paper to CAD conversions for all elements of the MEP drawings, including architectural plan conversion and architectural elevation conversion into CAD format. We utilize the latest CAD standards or prepare drawings to your own standards incorporating labeling, layering and associated CAD standards for all drawing types including shop fitting drawings.

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